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Inpatient Rehab

 There are numerous rehab facilities in Florida to cater for people who have various forms of addiction. The treatments offered in Florida may vary to some degree, but most will offer various forms of therapy and medical assistance to people with addiction problems. Some facilities offer inpatient rehab, while others only cater for outpatients.

Many facilities offer the option of inpatient rehab to get addicts firmly established on the path to recovery, and then provide follow-up care on an outpatient basis. Other facilities may provide the initial treatment only on an outpatient basis

What is inpatient rehab?

It is a rehab program offered to patients who become resident in the care facility. The actual treatments offered may be similar to those that outpatient facilities offer, but most inpatient facilities will be able to provide more intensive care.

What happens on these rehab programs?

The precise treatment a person get will depend on the individual and the type of addiction that individual has. No two patients are the same. Some people will have struggled with addiction for decades, while others may have been using for a relatively short period of time.

In general, the longer people have been abusing drugs or alcohol, the more mental and physical damage they will have caused. These people will most likely need more extensive treatment than those who have sought help relatively quickly. During rehab, addicts will be thoroughly educated about their condition, and how to deal with it.

Why should people choose inpatient care?

Inpatient care tends to yield better results than outpatient care. Most addicts who seek help are really keen to get clean, but they face extraordinary challenges in achieving that goal. The initial, critical challenge is to stop taking alcohol or drugs. When they quit, they will have to go through withdrawal, and that is often a really unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous, process.

There are medications available to help them get safely through this process. When people opt for outpatient care, they may have to self-medicate, but their access to the necessary medications will obviously be restricted. In contrast, those who are resident in inpatient facilities will have access to these medications at all times via their addiction treatment center personnel.

All addicts have to resist the temptation to relapse before withdrawal is complete, but outpatients face more challenges doing so than inpatients, simply because they have ready access to drugs or alcohol. All inpatient facilities ban drugs and alcohol, so inpatients would have to discharge themselves before they could relapse. Trained personnel are on hand to persuade them to reject that course of action.

Who can benefit from inpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab is beneficial for any people who have an addiction to substances. It may be especially beneficial to those who have previously tried to quit without help, or who have taken outpatient rehab programs but relapsed.


After inpatient rehab

Because addiction is incurable, addicts will benefit most if they continue to seek treatment after they have completed their inpatient rehab. Most addicts will continue to get cravings long after they have quit. The intensity of these carvings, and their frequency, will tend to wane over time, but addicts must be prepared to deal with them when they inevitably crop up.

There are many different forms of rehab aftercare available in Florida to help addicts stay clean. They can join recovery groups like Smart, AA or NA. They can also explore other forms of therapy like yoga, meditation, biofeedback, art or music, acupuncture etc. All of these therapies help build healthier minds and bodies, and they can restore self-confidence and self-respect.